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Is Your Dog More Fashionable Than You? - Do you dress your dog up in the latest puppy apparel? If not, does everyone else you know try to give fashion-ware to your fuzzy friend? It's a fact, people love seeing cute, fuzzy animals in smaller versions of people's clothing. Giving our pets human personas is only part of the fun in dog clothes. Just like dressing up dolls, we can pamper our dogs with latest fashions, ensuring that they are the hot dog on the street.

dog shirt

Dog clothing is nothing new to the world. For centuries, dogs in service positions have worn uniforms for identification and protection purposes in their work. Eventually, this type of apparel for dogs became available as a means to keep dogs warm and dry in the winter, providing them with an extra coat, if you will. Since then, dog wearables have transformed into a fashion market of their own with trends, patterns, cuts and designs that are considered fresh and fun for everyone!

Nowadays, dogs have as many clothing options as we do. If it's cold, wear a coat; if it's hot, wear a tank top. Sweaters, jumpers, cardigans, raincoats, dresses, t-shirts, pants, shoes, hats, robes and more are only scratching the surface of what's available on the dog clothing market. You name it, it's out there. There are dog garments for a wide variety of extraordinary events: weddings, Halloween, Christmas and 4th of July are only a few. Even collars are becoming more elegant. Decorated with gems and crystals, standard dog collars have become jewelry-like, adorning the dog and showing the world how precious they really are. Previously, dog clothes were only for the small, delicate pups. Several companies have begun including our large furry friends in the fashion world. A symbol of trend and moda, dog clothing seems to parallel the human fashion statements of the season.

dog coat

When it comes to dog clothes, protection is a thing of the past, and puppy chic is the wave of the future. Dog apparel can be found everywhere. The market for dog clothes is increasing exponentially. Everyday a new brand designing dog apparel can be found on the internet or in pet stores around town. For those seeking out the latest puppy trends, it is becoming easier and easier to find them. Soon, we will be waiting to hear from the dog fashionistas to tell us what our dogs should be wearing this season. There is no doubt that dressing up our dogs is a good time. If you want to show the world how much your dog means to you, it's time to get on the doggie fashion wagon today!

The future of dog trends will continue to evolve the same way that our fashion has developed over the years. Contemporary dog owners out there, it's time to accept it, there is someone in your household that you will have to compete with in the fashion world. Admit it, it's not so bad; in fact, you kind of like it!

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